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New Paintings from Munupi Arts (Tiwi Islands)

We are pleased to have some new paintings in our galleries from Munupi Arts located along Melville Island’s north-western coastline at Pirlangimpi (Garden Point) on the Tiwi Islands.

These beautiful paintings are unlike any other paintings we have had before at Better World Arts, Munupi artists employ ochres, gouache and acrylic paint. Munupi Arts and Crafts are also highly regarded for the diversity of their range of works including painting, pottery, carving, weaving, screen prints, etchings, linocut prints, lithographs and screen printed textiles.

For 25 years Munupi Arts has been a vital meeting place for the Tiwi people of the Pirlangimpi community for employment, cultural pride and well being.  Munupi Art is wholly indigenous owned and governed.

We look forward to showcasing Munupi’s artwork across our three galleries and working with Munupi for a long time to come!

View paintings on our website or in our Norwood Gallery.