Bangle-Wide-61-71mm dia.-CVA714


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Artist: Cedric Varcoe


Bangle-Wide-61-71mm dia.-CVA714

In the Dreamtime our Ramindjeri RUWI didn’t have much freshwater soakages creeks and rivers so long time ago our ancestors seen that there were no fresh waterways around our country so one ancestor went out into the scrub and grab the tree and thrust it through the ground water immediately begun coming out the ground as he dragged the tree all the way to the ocean he created what is now the Hindmarsh River and inmin river the rivers still flows still today then our ancestors all gathered in the Hindmarsh valley they come from all over Ngarrindjeri RUWI as they got there everyone started performing for the big ceremony and begun to dance they’re dancing feet on the dry soil they’re dancing feet created water ponds through the valley created from their dancing feet as the water ponds were created to catch the water as it rained in the valley still today the ponds through the valley created for us to get fresh water to drink from are now used my farmers.

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