Cushion -Hand Printed & Embroider 16in (41cm)-MKG995


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Artist: Murray and Kanginy George
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Cushion -Hand Printed & Embroider 16in (41cm)-MKG995

Murray and Kanginy’s paintings act as a teaching tool, to keep culture and stories alive and to share these stories with everybody. Murray loves to explain in detail the significance of each painting and the stories they tell. This painting talks about Tjukurpa. Tjukurpa is in everything, it is everywhere – in the earth, in the sky, in the trees, in the animals. This painting is a land and sky story. The small circles at the bottom of the painting represent all the ground dwelling things – quandong, fig, ngintaka – and also the seven sisters. The sisters are also in the sky, represented by seven stars. The sun and moon in the sky are both represented because the story goes through and night and the daytime. The storytelling never stops to keep culture alive.

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