Gift Wrapping Paper 4 individual sheets, 50 x 68 cm each-JMO410


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Gift Wrapping Paper Pack of 4 50 x 68 cm each-JMO410

Bush medicine knowledge is still strong in Ampilatwatja and it continues to be passed down to the younger generations. It is widely used and when the ladies go hunting they often gather bush medicine. The plants depicted here are found in the country around Ampilatwatja, they are used for soothing skin infections and to make a drink to help with colds and coughs. Painting bush medicine stories is important to Julieanne because it helps to maintain a strong knowledge and culture. Julieannes’ grandmother is respected elder of the community, Lilly Morton, and is highly regarded for her deep knowledge of bush medicines. The blue flowered plants at the top of this painting are called “Arratha”, the yellow flowered plants on the left are called “Indung-indung” and the red flowers are kangaroo food.

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