Medium Box 3.5x8x9.5cm-JWO826


Artist: Julie Woods
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Medium Box 3.5x8x9.5cm-JWO826

Julie is telling the story of two sisters travelling through her mother’s country towards Docker River, Northern Territory. They stopped at Ilkuwaratjara and cut a wana (digging stick). The punu (wood) was really straight. The little sister was getting homesick, but the big sister said; “No, I am taking you to meet your family.” Along the way they were digging for kuka (meat such as goanna) and Niny (Bilby). They got kuka and they were happy to have a good feed. The ‘U’ shapes are the sisters. Next to them are their wana or digging sick. The circles represent rock or water holes where water collects after the rains.

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