Rug Wool 2x3ft (61x91cm)-JUL967


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Artist: Jeannie a Uluru
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Rug Wool 2x3ft (61x91cm)-JUL967

Jeannie’s story is about the seven sisters who created land forms during the dreamtime. They camped in many paces all over Austraia, running away from a man called wati (initiated man) Nyiru. Nyiru was in love with the eldest sister and kept chasing the sisters. Nyiru and the sisters created landforms and sacred sights across Australia. Each language group has different chapters of the same story, and different sights and landmarks made by Nyiru and the sisters. Eventually the sisters fled to the milky way where they can still be seen. The sisters are now the Pleiades and Nyiru is Orion, he is never going to catch them now.

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