Rug Wool 2x3ft (61x91cm)-MBR617


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Artist: Maria Nampijinpa Brown
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Rug Wool 2x3ft (61x91cm)-MBR617

Maria paints her parents and her grandparents Jukurrpa stories, stories that have been passed down through the generations for millennia. These stories relate to the artists traditional country northwest of Nyirirpi, a settlement 160 kms west of Yuendumu. Maria uses traditional iconography, while developing a modern individualistic style to depict her traditional Jukurrpa. This image has painted her country around Yuendumu and paid homage to the vivid, hot sunsets and sunrises that are a visual feast in the arid regions of Australia. The sparsely vegetated country with it’s gnarly trees provides a dramatic silhouette for the brightly clouded sky.

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