Better World Arts has been operating for over two decades. Our role models were Oxfam, Fred Hollows (the Fred Hollows Foundation) and Anita Roddick (The Body Shop).  

Initially, we worked with traditional handicrafts. In 1996 we invited Aboriginal artists to join our projects and soon after decided to focus on the Aboriginal art side of the projects and left the normal handicrafts to others like Oxfam.

We work with traditional artisans from remote regions in Kashmir, Peru, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal (Tibetan refugees). More recently we have started working with China, making bone china and silk ties.

We unite the traditional handicrafts produced by cultures steeped in artisanal traditions with artwork from Australian Aboriginal artists from remote communities across Australia, from Arnhem Land to Central and the Western Desert regions, from rural locations and from cities.  More lately we have started working with non indigenous Australian artists that represent quintessential Australian themes..

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