fair trade
We are members of The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand and we are endorsed by Fair Traders of Australia. So, what is the difference? To become a member of The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand you simply pay a membership fee. In order to receive an endorsement as a Fair Trader of Australia, the business operations and practises are assessed and audited against the 10 principles of Fair Trade
In our most recent audit, we were assessed on our relationships with Aboriginal artists and other Aboriginal suppliers. All of our overseas suppliers are either certified as fair traders in their own right, have SEDEX certification or have passed a private audit. As well as external certifications many of the workers involved in our manufacture are unionised and use their unions effectively to leverage their rights and conditions as workers. Valuing partnerships and ethical trading is at the heart of Better World Arts Cross-Cultural Projects. Fair Trade is about constructive economic empowerment, equal relationships and justice, not charity dependence. Sustainable trade delivers reliable livelihoods to all participants. We create opportunities and give indigenous artists and artisans access to international markets and the mainstream economy, directly contributing to community empowerment and the preservation of culture.
fair trade

The 10 internationally recognised standards of Fair Trade are

Environmental sustainability
No child exploitation or forced labour
Promotion of Fair Trade
Fairer prices for producers
Fairer trading practices
Capacity building
Better working conditions
Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers
Non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association
Greater transparency and accountability

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